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My boyfriend wants me to talk to his family for marriage proposal


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    Post My boyfriend wants me to talk to his family for marriage proposal

    Hi. M of 21 and i love a guy, he is of 27. We both are of different casts. We both want to marry each other. His mother is not keeping well and now his family is forcing him to get married to someone. Now he wants me to talk to my family about our marriage. I am too young to tall about this to my parents. And i won't be able to convince my parents, he will have to marry someone else which i don't want. He doesn't have any other option. I am ready to talk to my parents but i don't know how to convince my family.

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    Has he talked about his intention to marry you to his family yet ? Why he wants you to talk to his family first ? See, things should be done this way ..
    1. First he should talk to his family & You talk to your own family.
    2. If both family agress then good or else
      1. Try to convince the families by methods you find suitable.
    3. If nothing works, then you have to decide
      1. Leave the idea of marriage, make everyone happy except you and your boy
      2. Marry without parents consent, no one happy (even you won't find happiness)
      3. No one marries , everyone half happy and half sad
    4. Or marry as per parent's will, both will have life full of depression ahead, will also affect many other lives including your upcoming kids, your new husband and his family, same goes for the boy.
    5. Or just forget everything, except that its not possible always to get what you wish, leave past behind, marry as per your parent's will and everyone is happy.

    There are many more probabilities but all depends upon how much trouble you are willing to take. As per your boy, I think he is just trying to be nice while avoiding marriage with you or may he just don't want to face trouble if he declares his will to marry you. Its because, he knows that if you asks his family, they will simply deny and everything between both of you will officially end.

    And at 21, you are not young anymore, make your mind and follow it. You should try before giving up.

    Good luck
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