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Bajaj EMI card - what is Open ECS limit


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    ambjia Guest

    Bajaj EMI card - what is Open ECS limit

    Hello everyone, I have a Bajaj EMI card, I have first time ordered a something from it with No-cost EMI feature. I received SMS that now I have around Rs.80000 left to buy things further as available loan amount. But that is "Open available ECS limit" which is showing as 38 thousand only ?

    What what is this Open ECS limit ? I understand that Rs. 80,000 thousand is what I can buy more product using this card but ECS ? I know that Electronic Clearing System is for automatically deducting installment from my account ?

    On bajaj Finserv website faq, it is mentioned as :

    Q.12. What is open ECS limit?

    A.12. An open ECS limit is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from customer's bank account via ECS (Electronic Clearance Service).

    But then its again confusing, is it total EMI amount can be taken from customer's bank or its just single EMI maximum payment ?

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Open ECS limit is amount that can be withdrawn from your bank account using ECS. If you see, it is also logical, they are just telling you that they can't make EMI greater than amount of OPEN ECS limit.

    If you are still concerned, you can send mail to Bajaj Finserv for clarification : wecare@bajajfinserv.in

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