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Marriage after conversion of Caste


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    Deepthi eskala
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    Marriage after conversion of Caste

    I am 24 years old. My lover is of 33 years old with complete different religion. He is ready to do anything for me; even he is ready to convert his religion to mine; but my parents are not accepting. Please provide me any idea how to convince my parents. I cant live without him. He is everything for him. My parents do have prestige and society problems. Can we have this marriage as an arranged marriage after having caste conversion such that no relative in our society should not get any doubt that this gonna be a inter religion marriage. Are there any such chances. Please do let me know.

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Marriage after caste conversion is not a solution, solution is to get your parents ready for it. You have not mentioned about boy's parents so I assume they have already agreed for this marriage.

    The main problem is to get your parents agreed on this, you know every parents wants to have a good and prosperous future for their daughter. To get them to agree, apart of caste issue, you need to make sure that your love has got number of qualities, including successful career, charming personality and good looks. May be if he got all this, they will compromise with caste issue. So, ask him to get a better person and then make him meet with your parents.

    And never panic, always think dynamically and I am sure you ill find solutions.

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