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Kuli maratha & OBC intercaste marriage solution with contract marriage


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    Kuli maratha & OBC intercaste marriage solution with contract marriage

    Hi I am Prathamesh Kale,
    residing in Mumbai. Me and my girlfriend love each other,
    We have different cast, we want to marry each other, she is of 96 kuli maratha cast and I am OBC, our parents are not convinced for intercaste marriage,
    We read comments on this site to convince them for marriage and tried every possibilities , but they won't listen to us,
    We can't live without each other, so we came up with this idea of contract marriage with another couple with same situation where boy is of 96 kuli maratha and girl is of OBC cast.

    If anyone with same problem and agree with us please contact me on personal mail Retracted for Security

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Not every family is same so you can't just apply general solution.

    Since we don't know exact situation or family outlook, its actually upto you to make informed decision. But as I always say, you need to have patience, it is not easy task, have to understand everyone's mindset, pinpoint exact hurdle and then work on it. Remember, every parents wants to see their kids happy in life. You just need to make them realise where your happiness lies.

    Regarding contract marriage to solve this problem, believe that is one of the worst idea, you will make it very complicated for you, can have disastrous implication of such action. I suggest to refrain from this idea of contract marriage at all.

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