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How to get rid of frizz in curly hair quickly and easily


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    How to get rid of frizz in curly hair quickly and easily


    I have curly hairs naturally and they are good and in fact I like them. But although they are nice and good but they are frizzy also. They are look nice when they are wet but as soon as they dry they start to get frizzy, and by next day, they get so much frizzy and dull that it kind of feel bad to look at them. I think I am also facing hair fall due to all this frizz in hairs. I have been trying lots of solutions. But so far I am not able to find something which actually helps or works. I tried various Ayurvedic remedies but they don't work for long. Most of all none works for long term. I am looking for easy, tried and actually working way to handle my issue of frizzy way.

    May be someone can suggest me some product that they have been using and it helps with it. But I do no want to harm or damage my hairs either. I always try to avoid all those fancy chemical as I have experience that their long term use is going to harm hairs.

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    Keratin treatments are semi-permanent alternatives to hair straightening. The keratin cells attach to your hair, coating the outer layer and sealing it, so hair is stronger and less porous. Some treatments used to contain formaldehyde or aldehydes, but these ingredients were linked to allergic reactions, and so you wonít find them in most modern treatments. Itís still worth noting that you can have too much of a good thing ó too much protein can cause your hair to harden, making it more prone to breakage.

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