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How To Post?


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    Anaadi Kumaar
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    How To Post?

    ???How can I introduce myself on eTI and there seeming no option of sending e-mails on my account.So how can I share my views with others ???

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    Re: How To Post?

    eTI is an online community where everything you post is shared among thousands of eTI members.

    All you need is to goto appropriate section in eTI FORUMS and click "Ask a Question or Post Topic", ie. the way you started this post and ask your question and it will be available to whole internet audience as well to thousands of eTI members. People then can reply on your topic/ leave comments and hence this way eTI works.


    Simply click Ask a Question found at right side of every page of eTI and your Question or Views will be again available to whole world.

    Still any doubt or question, feel free to ask here.
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    A community is all about helping each other.

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