According to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

God is beyond all concepts. It is an experience. Whatever cannot come within your concept, know that as God. The moment you make a concept, your intellect says, "Yes, I know." God is the eternal "I don't know." But you can be God. You can live in God. You cannot know God. You can experience God. Whether you know it or not, experience it or not, you are That. Every religion has said what God is, has given a general concept of God as omnipresent. If He is present everywhere, He is present in you. He is present at all times. If He is present at all times, is He present here, now, this minute? Yes? That is it. Being here now, this minute, being in touch with your innermost Self, you are in God.

Your mind is never in the present moment. It is vacillating between the past and the future. You are anxious about the future or you are angry about the past. All your anger is about the past which is gone, finished. And all your anxiety is about the future which is not yet here. The present moment is so deep, it is not shallow. Bringing the mind to the present is called meditation, Samadhi. Here you are in God.