Telugu and Punjabi students take the lead in overseas education, followed by Marathi and Gujarati students.

As per a recent report released by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, students from Telugu and Punjabi backgrounds are more inclined towards pursuing higher education abroad, followed by Marathi and Gujarati students. The report, which is based on data from 2019, highlights that a total of 7,53,000 Indian students were studying overseas in various countries.

The report also ranks the states and union territories based on the number of students who went abroad for studies. Telangana tops the list with 1,01,000 students, followed by Punjab with 94,000 students, Maharashtra with 82,000 students, and Gujarat with 72,000 students. The other states in the top 10 were Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

The US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Singapore are the most popular destinations for Indian students. The quality of education, job prospects, ease of admission, and cultural exposure are the main factors that influence the students' decision to study abroad.

However, studying abroad comes with its own set of challenges, such as high tuition and living costs, visa and immigration processes, language and cultural barriers, and adjusting to a new environment. Therefore, many students seek the help of various platforms and consultants that offer guidance and support for overseas education.

EUgateway, IDP consultancy, Edwise, and Study and work abroad are some of the platforms that assist Indian students in studying abroad. These platforms provide services such as course and university selection, application and admission process, IELTS preparation, pre-departure support, visa, accommodation, and health cover for students.

Studying abroad can be a rewarding and enriching experience for Indian students, as it can help them acquire new skills, knowledge, and perspectives. It can also open up new opportunities for their career and personal growth. However, it requires careful planning, research, and preparation to make the most of it.