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Which food should be avoided empty stomach


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    Kunal Raj
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    Food that should be avoided empty stomach

    Citrus Fruits:

    Citrus fruits should be limited due to their high citric acid content, which can lead to increased stomach acid production. Consuming them on an empty stomach may cause heartburn and other digestive issues.


    Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can stimulate hydrochloric acid production, contributing to acidity, gastritis, and bloating.

    High-Sugar Foods:

    Diets high in sugar overload the stomach with fructose, making it challenging to maintain regular blood sugar levels. Consuming high-sugar foods on an empty stomach may lead to insulin resistance.

    Spicy Foods:

    Spicy foods can cause discomfort and pain when consumed on an empty stomach, potentially harming the stomach lining and disrupting the digestive process.


    While yogurt is rich in probiotic calcium, consuming it on an empty stomach may render the beneficial bacteria ineffective, as stomach acid destroys them, leading to potential acidity issues.

    Oily Foods:

    Eating oily and fried foods in the morning, especially during hot weather, can have adverse effects on the body, potentially causing dehydration.
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