Priyanka Chopra love misty going on the air with Charming Shahid Kapoor but you know what Priyanka Chopra heart beats for The Kind of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.

Priyanka Admires and she is big fan of Shah Rukh Khan since the age of six. She can’t forget her first meet with sharukh khan During Miss India 2000 was going the Shah Rukh khan was the one of the Judge there and asked a Question to her. She was very excited to meet and she managed to say hello to him and that time Sharukh asked her to sing a song when he got to know she sings well.

Priyanka Chopra got the change to work with Shah Rukh Khan in the Remake of “DON”. She again wanted to do film with him as Priyanka said she has always been and will always be a fan of Shah Rukh Khan. She admire a lot of people but true blue, going weak in the knees type of fan she am only of SRK!