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BSNL Hungama Portal: Download Unlimited Songs and Play Games|BSNL Online Store


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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    BSNL Hungama Portal: Download Unlimited Songs and Play Games|BSNL Online Store

    I just came to know about BSNL.hungama.com entertainment store where you can download latest full bollywood songs for a nominal monthly subscription fee.

    Here is the detail I saw on a website...
    BSNL.Hungama.Com offers a host of the most popular music, videos and games with a catalog of over 65,000 songs and 2000 videos across various genres including Bollywood, Devotional, Regional Language content and more. Additionally, BSNL customers can also access over 200 plus games and redeem loads of prizes by subscribing to the digital store. These unique services on the digital store are available at competitive price points – for Rs.149 per month, consumers can get Unlimited Music Downloads and for Rs. 49 per month they can get Unlimited Game Downloads.
    Needlessly to say I instantly wanted to know about it so I visited and read about it, they says that BSNL customer can register online by providing there broadband username and Password and they will be charged via their BSNL bill. For Rs.149, they gives you ability to legally download and use all the content provided at their site which includes Bollywood songs, Ghazals, Videos and few more things.

    But, even on trying hard to find, I was not able to locate answer to my question.. ie. what the use of this Rs.149 unlimited download when one's download limit is 1 GB per month ? Now they think that user will do his normal surfing as well as will manage downloads of this songs over BSNL's almost unusable plans ?

    I am not fond of music but I know that people get 4GB+ songs DVD for mere Rs. 40 to Rs. 200 (for original copies) . Hence even a customer with HOME 500 plan who is paying Rs. 500 a month for broadband for 2.5 GB monthly transfer, will pay Rs.149 and if he used all his download slot ie. 2.5 GB for this service, then he will be paying Rs. 500+ Rs. 149 + Taxes, hence something around Rs. 700 and still what he gets.. only 2.5 GB of songs which is not even close to a CHEAP DVD.

    If they are not counting download from bsnl.hungama.com in normal Broadband usage then this initiative is good otherwise its another addition to the BSNL's plans of impractical use. I remember they did same for Games on Demand and I guess very few people are using it. Now doing same with new service.

    It doesn't matter because in the end, its a Govt. curriculum and who cares if money and resources get wasted.

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    saheem Guest

    i wat to say some thing

    u hav said free download games and sons it is not downloading and asking everytime my e mail address

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