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Bihari teacher's letter


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    Bihari teacher's letter

    Deer sur,
    If small small mistakes getting inside my letter, I big you pardon, ass
    I am not a good englis speaker.
    This is my fist vijit to Bombai. Stickly speaking, I wanted to joint
    your school more fastly, but for the following region, too much time
    lost in getting slipper reservation in three-tyre compartment. I tolded
    I has head ache problem due to migration. Still the clerk rejected to
    give ticket to I and my sun. I putted a complain on station masterji. He
    said I to go to the lady clerk.
    At first she also rejected. I then pressed for long time and finally
    with great difficulty she gave a birth to my sun. Anyway I thanked the
    station master also because he was phully responsible for getting birth
    of my sun.
    Ass a hole it was a bhery diphicult experiment in my hole life.
    I hope u will look into explain my hole story after, and late me joint
    first. I am now ending this fastly. I am a waiter for your responsement.

    May God blast you!"
    Yours awfully,

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    Re: Bihari teacher's letter

    hahahaha... amazing.. i guess there was a forward which i had got almost 2years back in which ppl had edited the windows OS and sent it in hindi... tht was amazing.. il definitely post the pic here if i find it.
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