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Motorola's 4G technology can spoil Indian Government's 3G Party


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    Motorola's 4G technology can spoil Indian Government's 3G Party

    Indian Just launched the 3G technology in Indian Market and Government had spend much money on that , now the news is that Motorola wanted to start planning for the next Version 4G technology in Indian Market which really going to spoil the Government 3G parties who already planned to raise Rs 35,000 crore from selling radio frequency for the existing version.

    Motorola who already tested the next generation technology is Long-Term Evolution (LTE) which going to start working on Next version 4G technology which going to offer 70 MB per second (Mbps) download speeds on a mobile phone by the end of the year.

    Motorola going to contact DoT (Department of Telecom) for the trail spectrum.

    Motorola's this planning which going to spoil Government's aim to mop up a whopping Rs 35,000 crore from auction of 3G spectrum.

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    Re: Motorola's 4G technology can spoil Indian Government's 3G Party

    Japan is already enjoying 4G all over.

    Indian govt is toooooooo late as usual!
    the 3G handsets have been availabe in india for over 5 years!

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