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How are anabolics used by athletes?


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    How are anabolics used by athletes?

    Athletes take steroids in large amounts, and often take more
    than one type of steroid at the same time. This is called
    "stacking," or "stacking the pyramid."(1-3)

    Athletes do not usually take high doses of steroids all the
    time. Instead they take large amounts of steroids for 4 to 18
    weeks, then stop taking them for 1 to 12 months. This is called
    "cycling."(2,4,5) Combinations of stacking and
    cycling vary greatly from one steroid abuser to the next. Methods
    of use are passed from one person to another by word of mouth
    instead of being based on scientific experiments. The doses taken
    by younger athletes today may be as much as 36% higher than the
    anabolic steroid doses taken by athletes in past years.(6)
    Formal scientific studies are lacking, and no one knows whether
    stacking and cycling cause more muscle growth than taking normal
    doses of steroids.(5)

    Most anabolic steroid abusers purchase these drugs on the
    black market. Because there are no controls over this activity,
    the identity and purity of the drugs are questionable. Athletes
    and others sometimes use veterinary steroids.(5,7)
    Since these were developed for use in animals, there have been no
    studies in humans to determine the dose or predict side

    Like other black market drugs, bootleg anabolics are being
    made in illegal laboratories.(7-9) They look like
    the actual drug, but may not have the same active ingredients or
    the right strength.(9) For example, methandrostenolone
    (Dianabol(R)) was a popular anabolic steroid. After being taken
    off the market by its legitimate manufacturers(5,9), it
    continues to be sold illicitly. A study recently analyzed three
    samples labeled "methandrostenolone." Instead of the steroid on
    the label, one contained methyltestosterone, another was caffeine,
    and the third had no active ingredients.(9) In addition,
    injectable drugs made in illicit laboratories may not be sterile.

    With any drug, the higher the dose, the more likely it is that
    side effects will appear. This holds true for anabolics as well.
    Anabolic abusers sometimes take other drugs to control the side
    effects caused by the steroids7) Estrogen blockers are
    taken to prevent breast enlargement (look under the question, "What
    effects do anabolic steroids have on adults?" to understand why
    this happens); Diuretics (fluid pills) are taken to treat fluid
    retention; Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is taken to prevent
    testicular atrophy; Human Growth Hormone is taken to increase
    muscle and body size.(7) Each of these drugs carries side
    effects of its own.

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    Re: How are anabolics used by athletes?

    You make it sound like most athletes use steroids... :

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    Re: How are anabolics used by athletes?

    All national and international level body builders take steroids. Bcoz without them the perfection cant be arrived at all as u see in international body builders. But the use of steroid is most important . Steroids are dangerous only if they are used in excess quantity or prolonged use . A proper use in good guidance and for a small cycle, the results will be very good in terms of muscle growth without any side effects. Arnold, Stallon, loui ferringo all these are steroid built , but still living healthy life even after 65 of age. Thats bcoz they tokk it in proper dosage. Remember even excess protein can damage the kidneys!!!!!!

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