It might be a while since Preity gave a bumper performance and a longer since she has looked fresh like earlier – but this is no reason why she would give in to copying her ‘better’ contemporaries. In a latest development, Preity Zinta was caught looking very much like Aishwarya Rai in the ‘Kajra Re’ number, and making a similar gang of guys sway to her verve. She is actually doing a special song for dear friend Salman Khan’s home production ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’.

And no, she has not copied Ash, as she has just agreed to do a ‘special’ song in the flick, and not an item song like Ash’s ‘Kajra Re’. The flick stars Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan too. The perky actor said to a news daily, “It’s an interesting cameo. The song’s called ‘Happening’ and I agreed to do it because director Prem Soni is a friend. And since Salman has played Prem so often, let’s just say this one is for Prem.”

Prem (the director) added, “Unlike Ash, who was just a part of ‘Kajra Re’, Preity plays an important role in the film.”

And the best news is that defying expectations, Preity is looking really ‘happening’ in the song. She is reported to have worked hard for the special appearance. With two super fit actors Salman and Kareena in the film, Preity forced herself to follow a special diet, take up a tough exercise regime and do yoga.

Second coming, one would say!