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Vidya Balan smooches Arshan Warsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Vidya Balan smooches Arshan Warsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan is back in a de-glam role with Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Ishqiya’. Going by the trailers, she is playing a simple village belle but has tried some ‘bold’ scenes too. She is featured to be doing steamy scenes with Arshad Warsi and also rumoured to play darker shades. Her ‘desi-giri’ includes swearing in pure Hindi, conning Arshad and Naseeruddin Shah by batting those pretty eye lashes like a true ‘gaon ki gori’ and then even not minding rendering a hot smooch onscreen!

    Vidya’s kissing spree continues after the Bollywood Movie ‘Guru’. She had no qualms locking lips with R Madhavan in the film. Recently, she did a very long and intimate scene with Arshad Warsi and kissed him very comfortably in ‘Ishqiya’. The scene in question has a hot kiss, and is very essential to set the tempo. “Why wouldn’t I do that scene when the bound script which was given to me before the film went on the floors? I had no issues doing the kissing scene,” Vidya Balan said.

    Though there are stories that Arshad doesn’t get along with costars, it’s certainly not true when it comes to his ‘Ishqiya’ costar Vidya Balan. Arshad Warsi tells us that he fondly calls Vidya Balan Giggles. “There’s a story behind this name. Vidya laughs a lot and can’t control herself. She just goes on laughing like crazy. She doesn’t even need someone to crack a joke. Sometimes she used to start laughing in the middle of the shot and then Naseeruddin Shah and I used to wait till she finished her riot,” revealed Arshad Warsi in an exclusive Bollywood Interview.

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    Ganu Guest

    Re: Vidya Balan smooches Arshan Warsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hot kiss

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    Qamer Guest

    Re: Vidya Balan smooches Arshan Warsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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