Madhur bhandakar, the man who has a knack of narrating real life stories and forcing people to think and shocking them with incidents that happen in life’s of innocent people around us. This is a different film, not a new subject, but the way it is told is worth a look.

Parag (Neil) is living perfect life with a perfect job and loving girlfriend (Mugda). He has his life mapped out and believes in enjoying life thoroughly until one faithful evening when he land up in big trouble, the jail where he is beaten up randomly by the cops. It is a film where you can feel the actors frustration when no one is ready to believe in his innocence. Here Parag finds a friend in Nawab (Manoj Bajpai). He is considered honest and humble. He has already served 10 years of his 20 year jail sentence and is Parag’s greatest strength. Parag soon discovers the way of life in a prison and different people associated with it. He has only one option to spend his life in a controlled and exploited manner or fight against the system .

Jail keeps you involved from the very beginning taking you into the lives and troubles of people. Here you find out about people like Baba Bhai who help prisoners to escape only to engulf them in the underworld. Which is better then, the jail or the underworld jail?
Neil’s performance is remarkable, he plays his character to perfection and so does Mugda who’s support is Neil’s only hope for getting out of jail.
The film shows us the power of money. It makes the world go around, whether in helping a guilty man get out, or providing comforts to gangsters in the prison.

In our everyday life we come face to face with many worries and issues and so you opt for a more lighthearted fun film. However we can’t ignore the real world around us. One is world is of the jail life and the way their life folds after having termed a sentence. It is a hard film. It may not appeal to the masses. But then with ‘Fashion’ and ‘Page 3’ category films up his sleeve, it is will be no surprise if Jail catches attention of the crowd.