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Our politicians have no vision or competence


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    Our politicians have no vision or competence

    That is what I feel is the curse of " democracy " in India.

    It throws up a whole bunch of illiterates and nincompoops into local assemblies and parliament, who look at these new roles as a ticket to free meals for their families, in-laws and cronies. The whole concept why they are there is warped in their minds, and they feel the country owes them a life of luxury, the right to cream off the best wealth and the privilige to be immune from the law.

    Come to think of it, there is so much that could have been done to help the country and prevent the mess it is in. Instead these elected representatives and their fossil views and decadent out of time thinking still run the country by using their sheer numbers to overwhelm the small number of competent and visionary leaders.

    About the Indian bureacracy - It is a one huge cesspool of ego maniacs who think they own the cuntry and have the right to eat whatever the country produces without sharing with the 99% of the population.

    That is the curse India is subjected to for nearly 60 years.

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    Re: Our politicians have no vision or competence

    It think we should have some strict for people who can be part of politics..
    1. Minimum qualification : Graduation
    2. A special short term course say 6 months to teach them about politics as well their duties and to make them aware of real world (It should made compulsory & should be supervised by some private firms)
    3. Should not have any criminal record.. should be allowed even if he has any case pending. (Usually they say we are not criminal because case is not finalized)

    I will come up with more soon.

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