It is a story about RJ Vivan(Himesh Reshamya) who is just divorced from his ex-wife Pooja (Sonal Sehgal). He is a successful RJ who runs a show on relationships and is known as a love guru who solves relationship issues. But later he is unable to handle his job properly as he himself is depressed about his love life. He meets a girl, Shanaya (Shenaz Treasurywala), who falls in love with him and also is his co-host in a radio show. But after discovering that Vivan still loves his ex-wife Pooja (Sonal Sehgal), she tries to bring the couple together. Shanaya is always with Vivan and so naturally Pooja starts suspecting the two. Finally Vivan realizes that he loves Shanaya and proposes to her. He sees light when he a radio show by Shanaya brings him to a conclusion as to who he should choose.

The story line has a man and two women, nothing different here. That there is problem in paradise is also not uncommon and a tale told several times. Only this time a Radio station is included with RJ’s trying to solve people’s problems and facebook’s and everything that the today’s youth is following being used to move the story forward. Himesh is synonymous with his music and we hear some excellent tracks here like,”Man Ka Radio” and “rafta rafta” thought it looks like some songs are forced in the story and have no place there. Also there are has some tender moments in the movie but overall there is nothing much to the movie directed by Ishanth Trivedi. The screenplay is handicapped, and the actors in the film are known but just might not be able to draw crowd to the cinema hall. Himesh has grown as an actor. The fact that the man is trying hard is shown in some places in the film. Shenaz is cute and nice to watch and Sonal has a character which needs to be defined, Paresh rawal is there , but he looks as though he was forced in the script.

There are many humorous scenes in the film-one in which Vivan, Pooja, and Shanaya are in the restaurant and they breaking the plates, and Vivan’s meeting with Shanaya’s family.

Though the movie is good and quite entertaining, there are various scenes where you will find lack of clarity., some interesting, some mundane, some yawn-inducing and boring.