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New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Review:Road Test and Specifications(223cc PGM Fi)


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    New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Review:Road Test and Specifications(223cc PGM Fi)

    I had compiled this Review a while back and had intention to share at eTI. However, it took a while to give it finishing touch and now I am here to share the this Road Test / Review result with you.

    To start, I would like to mention about the original Karizma bike in India which was first Premium bike in India and remained owner's pride for a long time. Its segment was unclaimed for a good period of time and then later on bikes like Bajaj Pulsar and now Yamaha R15 came with more power and performance. Still it is one of the costliest bike on India road. Yet, this bike had seen almost no upgrades since its launch and an upgrade was due for this bike from long.

    Recently Hero Honda gave it a new avatar with addition of Fuel Injection along with some cosmetic changes. The new Hero Honda Karizma ZMR looks pretty mature and stylish now. Its full fairing bike will make you turn around once again and new Karizma ZMR is refreshing in its looks. In short, from front it looks cool and can stand up with even some very costly bike.

    Actually, rather doing only full fairing, you see completely new headlight and its seamlessly integrated in full fairing design. However, whenever you will look it from side, it remind you of Suzuki Hayabusa because of its big logo ZMR. Its similarly used as of Hayabusa bike. On thing you will notice is its collapsible wiser mounted rear view mirrors.

    By giving full fairing, it does what mostly people like to do in their Karizma, ie. covering it up, the side indicators are also integrated in this fairing.

    The instrument cluster on Karizma ZMR gets a overhaul and it looks modern yet with classical look with chrome finish tachometer. This time its Karizma's instrument cluster is all digital and it takes inspiration from Honda's high bikes. In terms of usability, its clean and practical. Its cast aluminum split handlebar is just another common feature like other bikes of this segment.

    From the side you will notice gold finish engine cover, its large part is not really visible yet Honda's style of gold finish makes it distinctive. Moving to tail of the bike you will see styling taken from CBZ xtreme bike. The LED tail lamp looks good actually. And in my personal view, such tail styling suits Karizma ZMR far better than CBZ xtreme. The finish and styling is nicely executed and gives bike a nice overall looks.

    Don't forget its rear new gas charged rear shock absorber and also its new dual disc brakes ie. front and rear disc breaks. The front disc breaks measure 276mm and rear 240 mm, note that these are around 20mm bigger than Pulsar 220 cc which comes in same segment.

    That was the talk about its cosmetic changes. Now comes to the major change in Karizma which makes it Karizma ZMR PGM-Fi. As the name reveals everything, its the addition of Fuel Injection technology in the bike. Unlike Bajaj, they actually removed the FI and made bike cheaper, the new Karizma ZMR boasts Honda's advanced PGM fuel injection technology and makes it more efficient and smoother bike to ride.

    While fuel injection is added in the bike, the engine cubic capacity remains unchanged. The displacement is still 223 cc as of that of old Karizma. Now there is also oil cooling system incorporated. New fuel injection system actually makes bike responsive and gives a better riding experience. But, don't be mistaken if you feel that new Karizma ZMR PGM Fi packs some new power punches, no its almost same as old Karizma with slight improvements over 17.6PS at 7000RPM and maximum torque remains unchanged with 18.35Nm at 6000RPM.

    But do you feel this small difference while you ride, well you will actually feel smoother Karizma which is responses better to your action on bike. It gives 0-60 kmph in 4.6 seconds, almost equal to previous Karizma. With claimed top speed of 126kmph it is very good to ride at speed range of 90kmph to 100kmph on highways. However, as with most of the bikes in India, at higher speed ie. while you reach 110kmph, you will already feel engine getting noisier and vibes will be increased and to push it to claimed 126kmph speed, you will have to try hard. You may reach past 126kmph as there is slight reading difference in its speedometer and actual speed.

    The seating position of bike still makes it delight for long riding. Not very aggressive seating position makes it useful for day to day use. Infact its extra large fairing makes it harder for cornering and steep turning.

    The engine gives you a powerful feeling at low riding speeds and as you go higher, you will its loosing it. So as mentioned already, cruising around 90-100kmph is fun and after that you easily know that the bike is now being pushed to its limits.

    On fuel efficiency front, being a 223cc engine, you can't really expect impressive figures here but fuel injection made little improvements and on highways with moderate cruising speeds, you can expect mileage around 51 kmpl with new Karizma FI.

    Overall this bike is a noticeable upgrade from Hero Honda to their much desired bike. A good package for those who emphasis on looks along with performance. But its pricing may hinder as it is priced at around Rs. 92,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi). But worthy upgrade and gives new lease of life to aging Karizma as well a smile (not so wide) to the Karizma fans.

    Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Technical Details and Specifications


    Engine type 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHC, Oil Cooled, PGM-Fi
    Displacement 223 cc
    Bore & Stroke 65.5 × 66.2mm
    Compression ratio 9.0:1
    Maximum Power 13.15 KW (17.6BHP) / 7000 rpm
    Maximum torque 18.35 N.m / 6000 rpm
    Starting method Self start
    Engine Oil Grad SAE 10 W 30 SJ Grade
    Fuel Metering PGM-FI, Programmed Feul Injection
    Clutch type Multiple Wet
    Ignition type DC-FTIS (Full Transisotrized Ignition System)
    Transmission type 5 speed Constant Mesh


    Frame type Tubular Single Cradle, Diamond Type
    Suspension (front/rear) Telescopic Hydrolic / 5 step ajustable iGRS system
    Brake type(front/rear) 276mm Disc / 240mm Disc
    Tire size (front/rear) 80/100x18 tubeless / 100/90x18 tubless


    Overall Length × Width × Height 2110mm × 805mm × 1175mm
    Seat height 790mm
    Wheelbase 1,350mm
    Minimum ground clearance 159mm
    Minimum turning radius 2.50 mtrs
    Curb weight 159kg
    Fuel tank volume 15.3 liters
    Reserve 2 liters
    Engine oil volume 1.35 liters

    Lastly :
    I would like to see your feedbacks and comments. If there is any suggestion to improve above article then you are welcome. Also, if it helped you in any manner then as said, leave your comment. Those comments are actually an encouragement factor for me.

    Thank you!

    The author is not associated with any of the above mentioned service or product. Author may or may not be using all or any of the above services or products. Above article / review / tip are just views of the author and they do not decide above mentioned service / product's characteristics as whole. The author do not take any responsibility for harm or damage done by any of the above tip / advice / review. Above material / article is provided for the informational purpose only and author can't be held responsible for its usability and authenticity. Reader's discretion is advised.

    Stealing or Copying of this article / review / Tip without proper credit and link back to the article is illegal. You may use this article at your site by giving a link back to this article or by asking for permission from the author.

    Images Courtesy Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

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    Re: New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Review:Road Test and Specifications(223cc PGM Fi)

    You can view more pictures / wallpaper of this bike --> Picture / Photos of New Hero Honda ZMR PGM Fi bike

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    Unregistered Guest
    dude...very nice post....enjoyed reading it...but tell me does it really giv 51kmpl....i doubt dat....i heard something as low as 25kmpl...i am planning to buy the zmr anyways

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    Unregistered Guest
    very nice article.......i like that,i will buy karizma zmr in jully on my birthday.......i like karizma zmr,and there features.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up

    I like the article ....it is helpful for Me...I planning to buy ZMR in August......

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    guru 123 Guest


    dude it wont give 50kmpl and all! on city road tis girl gives 39 kmpl ! and in highways it gives a solid mileage of 42kmpl !!! experience speaks

  7. Advert.

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    ozzy Guest

    Thumbs up Zmr

    Awesome article , i love the bike ... i m gettin an orange one this 2oth .... i m gonna love it .....and ppl the milege is derived on how u maintain it....so .....

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    lobbyrobert is offline Just in!
    Karizma ZMR PGM Fi engine of "225 cc" capacity which better power and fuel efficiency.
    Super Indian Bike.......................

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