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Hero Honda CD Deluxe Or Passion or Discover 100cc ? : For City Ride and Mileage


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    Hero Honda CD Deluxe Or Passion or Discover 100cc ? : For City Ride and Mileage


    I, infact, absolutely never rode a geared bike. I presently own a Honda Activa, and Santro 1999 model. I am in much need of a expert counsel with regards to purchase a new Motor Bike. So with out much ado, let me describe my information:

    I reside at Bangalore city, I am Looking for a reliable commuter bike to travel around 35 Km/day. Also is important its mileage, service, a decent look and resale. With regards to this I had zeroed on CD-deluxe as it was decent and light on my pockets too. I actually did go to the showroom to purchase it too. But once there this is what I found:-

    -People are in love with Passion, and it seems to sell like hot cakes. Two variants are available: Plus and Pro. While Plus is a proven bike, Pro is an upgraded version. Apart from new headlamp, it also sports a Red Shocker( I found that little odd wrt the looks).

    1. Should I Go for Passion than CD-Deluxe? Is CD-DELUXE a reliable, low maintenance Bike and High on mileage as it claims?

    2. If Not CD-deluxe, then Passion Plus or Passion Pro?

    Passion pro has More Torque at Less RPM in comparison to Passion plus. After googling , I inferred, that it means good initial Pickup, and better city driving ( I think so), and slightly higher power. But would such small changes affect the Mileage? Passion plus yields above 65KM, and Pro above 60 (according to website reports). Just wanted to confirm this with you.

    3. This may sound silly. But Which Bike paint doesn’t fade faster if exposed to sun a lot. I do not have a garage, and hence, the bike woul have to endure much rain, and sun. If Passion, I selected this color:



    IF CD deluxe:

    What do you think?

    4. What are the standard Accessories I should ask for with the new Bike?

    Apart from helmet lock, Indicator alarm, should I ask for Teflon coating, pad lock, any other accessories?

    5. Would it be wise to go for Disc brake than Drum brake?

    Would disk brake really serve any useful and significant purpose for a 100 cc bike?

    6. All things apart, is passion really a reliable 60KM+ mileage (city drive) Vehicle? IS CD Deluxe a Better ALternative to Passion in terms of Mileage in city conditions?

    The new Honda Activa though below 50K on road, claims to yield 52 KM mileage. If passion/CD Deluxe doesn’t yield 60KM+, I would rather prefer to go a gearless realible activa

    Mileage is my main concern here as Hero Honda is generally known for his Reliability. Which of the above will render the maximum mileage in city conditions?

    Any advice from your experience, please do share with me. I am a complete novice wrt bike. I am excited that I will buy a new vehicle, but also unsure if I am doing the right choice. Your advice and suggestion would greatly help me in this regard.

    Shall await a reply,

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    Re: Hero Honda CD Deluxe Or Passion? : For City Ride and Mileage

    I saw your post the day you posted but missed to reply at that time. But seriously you made a wonderful post and your homework is good before making this post. Really nice way to ask the question

    Anyways, first welcome to eTI .

    As per your post, looks like you are going for a basic bike and Passion is good. Between Passion Pro and Plus, differences are really small but remember its just all that years old bike, still in production even after decades just with little outer change and some enhancement in engine. Activa is good but mileage is not the part where it has advantage so its not an option. If you are tempted to buy passion only then passion plus is just alright in your case. Regarding teflon coating, it would be too much for this range of bike. Disc brakes are overkill for passion but if you want, you may go for them.

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    Re: Hero Honda CD Deluxe Or Passion? : For City Ride and Mileage

    Thanks Ricky!

    Infact I am undecided even now. More so, after laying my eyes on Discover 100CC Dts-si. It seems to be a good package. But bajaj Products have a notorious reputation of being non reliable, ENGINE/CHAIN ISSUES, mileage dips, and use and throw bikes. If nOT for this, i would have gone with The new 100cc Discover.

    What are your opinions about the new Discover 100CC DTS-SI?

    More info:
    Shall await your response, Kindly help me decide. I need a bike that could stay trouble free for atleast 5 years.

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