I just read this news :

A man in Mumbai committed suicide allegedly because he couldn’t withstand pressure from recovery agents of a private bank. His family says the recovery agents repeatedly harassed and threatened him to repay a personal loan. His six-year old daughter was witness this all.

Recovery agents working on behalf of banks use all kinds of methods to tackle with the defaulting clients. Only this time it seems to have gone all horribly wrong. The father of three girls, Prakash Sarvankar ended his life leaving behind a suicide note, which blames his step on these agents.

Mumbai police says the 38-year-old was being repeatedly contacted by agents of ICICI bank, who asked him to repay a personal loan of Rs 50,000. Prakash had taken the loan in January this year but was unable to pay it back on time.

His family says he had contracted jaundice and his business had suffered leading to the default. Sarvankar's 6-year-old daughter told the police she saw the recovery agents threatening her father and taking away his CD player on their last visit on September 15.

“They threatened papa. Said will hit him,” says 6-yaer-old Prajakta Sarvankar, victim's daughter.

Are we not having any law against these private bank recovery, they are doing gundagardi and no one to check them ?