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How effective is this RTI - so far ?


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    Pluto is offline eTI Iron

    How effective is this RTI - so far ?

    I would like to know from people in the know here
    how effective overall has been the RTI act so far.

    Is is having any effect on the bureaucracy ?
    Are they showing enough respect and attention to RTI queries?

    Over all, are people using the RTI in a manner to effect positive changes
    in government admin systems?

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    rahat is offline Just in!
    I would like to give my views by saying that we have got a strong tool through which we can look behind the curtain we can actuallty judge the govt officials and make them more responsible by blaming them through what they had actually done in their deeds...

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
    Aarish Rizvi is offline eTI Bronze
    Rahat.. that is easier said than done.. have you ever tried using it yourself ?

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    rahat is offline Just in!
    I know its easier said than done 4 me because i hven't tried and iam definately going to do this .But let me raise a hope in u by saying that people are using it but its on a small scale. Institutes like TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE are helping the students to make it use freequently.. The thing which bothers us is a threat which can arise out from RTI but slowly the threat will go provided if we work on this in a wise manner.

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
    Aarish Rizvi is offline eTI Bronze
    Well, if people can get united then it won't be a threat, eg.. if against any company there is single person doing RTI, they will eventually get to know about him but if there is group of 100s of people doing same, it will make a completely different atmosphere..

    There is term called RTI activist..

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    rahat is offline Just in!
    Yes I respect your views and Iam very much in fovour to what u jst mentioned that after God the strength lies in the hands of group not in individuals definately we need to hold the hands together to use RTI or any other issue can be handled if we r creating a positive environment together..
    Today If i say to someone do this that will make 2 (1+1) if i say lets do it it would make 11(11) ...

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    Rohit Chandra's Avatar
    Rohit Chandra
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    Very good decision going on here, but why there is no proper awareness about RTI in common man ?

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    rahat is offline Just in!
    There is an awareness among the people but the no is very small because of the fact that people tend to ignore it they think its not going to work they have lost the trust in the govt . and people who are willing to make use of it get scared by the threats...

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