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Should I let my boyfriend just continue cheating on me?


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    Neha_s_h is offline Just in!

    Should I let my boyfriend just continue cheating on me?

    I really need help. Pls help me sort out my life.. here goes..

    I was seeing a guy for 4 yrs lets call him 'A' and then it started to get dull. Then i met another guy; say 'B' and he completely impressed me. He asked me out and wooed me into being with him. So i broke up with my boyfriend of 4 yrs and started seeing this other guy 'B'. Right in the beginning of the relationship 'B' told me he was seeing some other girl too; call her 'Z'; as she used to 'torture' him to be with her and he couldn't help it. I agreed to it as long as he would find a solution to break up with her.

    Initially things were good between me and 'B', but then he started hiding things from me. As a result we started having lots of fights and we broke up couple of times. Finally he stopped talking to me after about two yrs into the relationship. However, after about 3-4 months we got back talking as friends. I showed to him as if i was just wanting to be friends whereas i still loved him. Slowly we became really good friends again and started talking a lot again. Meanwhile, One of his college mates came and told me about him ('B') having an affair with her for about 1 yr and i realised he was cheating on me. Also he still continued being with 'Z'.

    Then one day i and 'B' got talking and i got him to tell me about him cheating me. He agreed to the cheating and was extremely sorry about it and also he broke down into tears telling me that 'Z' used to torture him a lot and he was like a puppet to her. He said he was extremely frustrated and wanted me back in his life. He promised me he would never cheat on me again and never lie to me.

    I agreed to give him another chance and i'm back with him now. I have to bear the fact that he's still seeing 'Z' and she appearantly forces him to be with her. Now he's planning to get rid of her by sending her to another country, but that aint happening for a couple of months more. But I just cant take the fact that he has to be with her everyday and so he cant spend time with me. He's truthful to me now. But because i cant take the fact that he's seeing someone else too, we have been having a lot of fights lately, which results in him telling me that i have to understand him for a cuple of months more.. I dunno what to do and am really confused.

    I desperately need help. Please please please help me out!

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    If he ever wanted to really get rid of her then 4 years were more than enough time to do that. It is clear he wanted company of both girl.

    I suggest you to leave him and start seeing someone who is really with you, other way is that always share him with that girl.

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    vamsi2055 Guest

    Leave Him

    never trust guys who cries about their situation unless it is of some genuine reason....there is no guarantee that he will look after you in the adverse situation...(there will be many critical tests ahead)...though it is difficult to leave...better leave him...(and this is my personal opinion)

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    udayvedant is offline eTI Member
    It seems, you trust people easily. Just because he talks good or he cries in front of you, doesn't means he is a honest guy. It is difficult to judge boys. They have less emotions and their interest level lies in utilizing girls only. I feel you are a emotional girl, and you really believe in guys easily, who are nice to you, without be aware of their real intention. Before getting in relationship with anyone...be 100% sure, who he really is...just blindly don't get into relationship.

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    imtehaan is offline eTI Member
    I don't agree, boys also have emotions and need support but at the same time they are materialistic. Mostly because of their past experience or issues. Trust them and they will give you trust . But also don't ignore facts!

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    udayvedant is offline eTI Member
    Boys also have emotions as I am a boy also "Imtehaan". But that girl had a wrong experience because of a wrong guy. So, I was trying to give her some advice, by which she can help herself in someway.

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