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Learning Digital Piano Keyboard without Teacher and do it myself !


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    Learning Digital Piano Keyboard without Teacher and do it myself !


    I purchased a new keyboard and I want to learn it without a teacher. I want to learn to play it from home. It is bcz I can't go to teacher because of time and study problem and but I have interest in learning this great thing. It is great and I am loving it but can I learn it without teacher ?

    Is it possible ?

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    Learning any new thing without taking is quite difficult. It is same that when you start a new chapter of science which you haven't read about it before makes difficult for you to understand. If you feel that it will your study time,so make a time schedule and distribute the time for studying and doing extra activities. This will not create a problem in your study schedule and you will be able to learn it properly by taking the help of any teacher. You should focus on your studies but you should also carry on your hobbies. This will help you in refreshing your mind and there after you are going to enjoy both the things.

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    Yes, you can learn without teacher but you need some book or lessons those are good and simple yet effective.

    I suggest you to take one months classes and then try to learn it yourself with books or internet !

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    With the help of books it wont be easy to learn the keyboard. For this you need to take help of any professional teacher. "Time distribution" is the best option for this problem.

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