Seems blogger guys are really in pursue to capture whole world. They just added Right to Left hand language support by adding Arabic, Hebrew & Persian languages.

This means that when you select one such language then whole interface shift to Right to Left format. Also they have added a tool to shift to RTL editing or LTR editing in POST area.

How to Use Right to Left hand languages in Blogger ie. Hebrew, Persian, Arabic etc.

1. Login to your Blogger account,
2. On right hand side, from language selection menu, choose the language you want to use.
right to left language support
3. The moment you shift to any RTL language then you will see whole interface is shifted to RTL format.
4. Now click new post and you shall be brought with new RTL post interface.
5. Also, there is small tool which let you to do editing in Right to Left mode or in Left to Right mode.

So, it will be fun using this feature if your native language is one of the above three. There are few more languages to come as same format as far as I guess, Also, now total languages supported by Blogger is 40.

Cuortesy :GFan Blog