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Changed Attitude of My Girlfreind!!!!


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    Noidaguy is offline Newbie

    Changed Attitude of My Girlfreind!!!!

    Hi pulkit!!!!!!

    I am in a serious relationship from last 8 months with a girl. We both love each other very much but from last few days i m noticing a serious change in her attitude. she is not giving me the needed time, She sleeps early in the night where as before she used to sleep at 2 in night and talk to me continuously. She had gone out of station to attend a marriage and didn't bother to call me at least once in 4 days. She is a smart girl and many times i have caught her lying to me. I don't trust her now. i have confronted her with her all these and she just manages to escape saying she didn't got time to talk to me and all her emotional bla bla. There could be a strong possibility that she has now found someone else.

    I seriously love her and i even see my future with her,but attitude makes me feel that i m only one who is serious in this relation and she is just playing with me.

    i am also wanting to have a break up with her???

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    Hello Noidaguy,

    I went through the whole matter and all I can say is... least is the difference in a relationship, better is the relationship. If you feel she is hardly concerned for you, you are free to leave her. See anyhow things are not working between you two. You dont trust her and you have also caught her lying to you many times. So if you feel there is no point in dragging the whole thing for so long, its better to end up.

    But before you do that...just for a matter for your satisfaction, I would suggest you to talk to her over this and tell her what you actually feel from this attitude of her. See, there should be a clear communication between the two people engaged in a relationship. So its better to clear the facts with her before things go worse. Clarify all your doubts with her and if she convinces you, try to believe her.
    I am asking you to do this just because I feel you should atleast let her know whats actually going in your mind. Don't hesitate in talking to her on this. Tell her that these things are really concerning you.

    The choice is yours....!!!

    All The Best...!!
    Take Care...!!!
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    JK_SON is offline Just in!
    HI pulkit !!!!!

    I quite agree with you, But don't you think these kind of relationship hampers your confidence, means you are trying to do everything possible in the books to take care and love her, and she is ignoring you, You feel as if you are a fool who only wants this relationship and a kind of begging her to be with you.

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    @JK_SON : Hello there, thank you for your comment. Basically what I know is, Love takes sometime to develop. Feelings actually dont grow all of a sudden. It takes time to develop these feelings in someone's heart for you. Its not like begging, its just like making things work out your way, which I consider is a trial effort. And if you succeed, she is all yours which is a good thing, isnt it ?
    Moreover, no one has asked you to do all the things..... but sometimes people dont realize one's feelings through words, so a balanced combination of words and deeds is sometimes needed. Also, words can be said by anyone but what actually makes one apart from others is the actions and how much he mean by what he said.
    I never suggest anyone to do all the things...but yes a few, which I feel are satisfactorily enough for the other person to realize his feelings for her...!!!! And if she gets the idea by all this..its okay else your destiny and life is not tied to anyone...Move On !!! :-)

    I hope you got your answer....!!! Love is never a begging thing.... it should always be done with Grace.
    Thanking You...!!!

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