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Various Problems That One Faces In Nokia X3-02


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    KumarHiten Guest

    Various Problems That One Faces In Nokia X3-02

    Hi Friends!!!!

    I have purchased this handset not so long back......

    I am encountering various problems such as :

    1. Unable to delete messages in the draft one by one It can be deleted as a whole folder.
    2. The other party complaint that my voice is too soft when I am using the headphone which is plugged into the 3.5 mm jack.
    3. Touch screen too sensitive sometimes My Phone locks phone after picking up the call
    4. The handset hangs too often

    Considering it is a Nokia Phone one should not have faced so many problems but i am disappointed with the quality of the cell phone.......

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    Generally when you view a sms, under option there is option to delete that one only. Just explore a little more , hopefully you will get it .

    And what do you mean by too soft voice ?

    Touch Screen is not sensitive, its call proximity sensor, it turn of screen when in call so that while taking, touching to face etc. won't cause undesired effect.

    Hanging is a problem with nokia phone if you have too many application or simply your phone is infected. Try to have factory reset and see if problem persist.

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