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Desdrohi movie controversy- Desh drohi faces threats ?


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    Desdrohi movie controversy- Desh drohi faces threats ?

    Deshdrohi, a movie by Kamal Rashid Khan is postponed to release on 14 November instead of 7 November. The reason is the unavailability of theaters in metro. But is this the truth ? While, it may the reason given out to public but news are that the owner of the theater who are going screen Desh drohi were threatened by MNS members as the movie contains a character similar to Raj Thakre and hence they don't want movie to get exhibited. Also, Kamaal R. Khan has already met with chief minister of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh in this connection, and sought adequate security at the theaters exhibiting 'Desh Drohi'.

    Meanwhile there was special screening for Mumbai Police as Mumbai police gave notice to the Kamaal Rashid Khan to not to screen movie prior to their approval. As of now there is no information about decision taken by Mumbai police after watching the movie.

    There was also news that Special screening will be there for Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena but MNS denies it and calls it only publicity gimmicks.

    The movie, as claimed by the producers of the movie and evident in the promos, about a man from Bihar who comes to Mumbai with lots of dreams but eventually gets involved in a fight with anti-social elements and succumbs to death. He goes through a hell when he is abused, beaten up, and even politically manipulated.

    However, it is being accused by the protestors that the makers of the film have tried to cash in on the existing controversial situation in Mumbai pertaining to anti north Indian campaign led by Raj Thackrey and his party MNS.

    So this movie as of now is in trouble, lets see what police have to say as they have already watched movie.

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    Asit K Bhattacharya
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    Re: Desdrohi movie controversy- Desh drohi faces threats ?

    Our country is Great because we,the citizens have full liberty in expressions and therefore nothing should prevail to curtail the same right overt or covertly.--- / -Asit Kumar Bhattacharya

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    Re: Desdrohi movie controversy- Desh drohi faces threats ?

    This one is still hanging but promos are on air and this one is clearly showing that this movie was based on the current incidents in Mumbai and they are just trying to capitalise it.
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