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RTI act:Now ask for Income Tax Return details for political parties.


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    Khabri is offline eTI Iron

    RTI act:Now ask for Income Tax Return details for political parties.

    In an order that will bring transparency to political funding, the information commissioner on Tuesday upheld citizens’ right to seek details of income-tax returns submitted by political parties. Barring the Communist parties, all others were against allowing a peep into their declared income and sources.

    The direction came on an RTI application of a Delhi-based NGO seeking details of tax returns of political parties from the I-T department. A refusal by the department of taxes to pass on the details forced the applicant to move a petition before the apex transparency panel.
    src:Economic Times

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    Re: RTI act:Now ask for Income Tax Return details for political parties.

    here there is no left or right - all are same

    there is already a move to bring in a controversy - by talking about Court, judges, etc., for bringing them under RTI Act.

    okay - let us assume every one comes under purview of RTI Act - what happens - you can get the information by spending very little.

    with the information on your hand, what you can do. nothing - literally nothing.

    if Government wanted the RTI Act for effective and meaningful implementation, they they should amend the Act to enable it to provide information not only to Applicant but also to Law enforcing Authorities, Revenue intelligence, CBI, CVC, CAG, High Court/Supreme Court, Election Commission, Speaker and make them responsible to take suomotto action on the guilty.

    will the Government do it - if they do it RTI Act will be Padmasuran and Government will be Lord Siva and there should be Vishu with Mohini Avatar to save guilty.

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Re: RTI act:Now ask for Income Tax Return details for political parties.

    Well, I guess its not possible for Govt. to provide information alongside applicant to the other legal bodies too. That will make confusion that submit to which legal body and who will take care of the submission. However, one remedy can be there that if Applicant want then he may ask Govt. to redirect the information to needed governing Body or legal body.

    Because if Govt. is going to redirect every RTI application to legal bodies then there will be a mess in no time. Again things will get which we always want to avoid i.e Delays .. lots of delays.

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    psnswaminathan is offline eTI Iron

    Re: RTI act:Now ask for Income Tax Return details for political parties.

    yes I appreciate your analysis.

    let me accept for argument that my suggestion will give confusion.

    one can make computer programme that can sort the issues to which department the information is belong to. -
    Why RTI Act came in to existance. Because some one got affected and something bad happend against public interest. if we really interested in solving the problem, when certain anomaly comes to surface that the information is fed to the concerened authorities to take legal action and punish theguilty.

    suppose a public servant, member of legislature, parliament or any other public servant amazed the wealth and the information is sopught to this respect. If the information revelas the the public authority (who was elected under electrol process) is guilty of amazing dfisproportionate wealth - naturally he should undergo trail by Election Commission. Can the System cannot identify who can punish the guilty - if it is so, the system is faulty and fractured - and it is of no use.

    after getting information, the applicant as individual has to refer the matter to Election Commission, if media bliz is there, the news will become hot. otherwise, the case will die on its own course.

    Instead of this, the authority who funish the information should be made responsible to inform the anomaly to the Election Commission and EC should be made responsible for taking suomoto action - is it not the end of justice.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    there are good purpose in promulgating the Laws/Acts, etc., - but the frustrated rules throw us in a vicious circle, where we never get justice - inspeite of our having best administrative enforceable law.

    I have a case where my life was under threat - case was delayed for nearly 3 years without delivering justice.
    “As a result of such delay, the possibility cannot be ruled out of loss of important evidence, because of fading of memory witnesses. The problem of delay stares us all and the whole system would get crushed under its weight.”

    let me give an example,
    when we ask for information under RTI Act, we cite the person and his position (or the Offices) and the information related will always reveal what sort of dificiency and how such deficiency can be set-right.
    It is not difficult to furnish the same information to the Judicial or Quasijudician authorities or executives who is capable of taking suomottop action.

    suppose the information reveals that a person hold black money or unaccounted money, it is the case of Revenue intelkegence - - even in the interest of Government say public interest - the concerned authority must furnish the information to Income tax.

    If an information reveals conceling of arms or doing goods acts, certainly such information must go to law enforcing authorities.

    it is not that difficult to sort the issue and forewarn the authorities who is responsible for taking action.

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