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Should there be so many political parties in India.


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    Priya Jain
    Priya Jain is offline eTI Member

    Should there be so many political parties in India.

    Most probably no country in the world has so many political parties as India has.It is as if opening of a political party has become business in India. Instead of having a feeling of serving the country with an ideology, they are more interested in selling tickets and doing all illegal activities. Election commission must have to intervene. The commission must have to exercise its power to control the business of forming political parties.

    Though there are rules that a candidate can spend only a certain amount of money in the election, no candidate is following it. Even such violations canít be controlled in the college election. Then how can we expect someone to control it at national or state level. Certainly there is a scope to improve, much improvement is needed and that also as quickly as possible.

    Whether we need one party system, two party systems or a multi party system should be debated. A two part system should not be suitable for India , but at the same time, existence of so many parties is also serving the purpose anyway.

    A political party must have to act without causing any further delay.

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    Ravinder Oberoi
    Ravinder Oberoi is offline eTI Aluminium
    Even after so many parties it's so difficult to find an honest politicians
    The whole system is corrupt and it's very hard to find a honest and sincere politicians.... even though it seems they are different parties but in every party there are people who are corrupt to the core

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    johngray123 is offline Just in!
    In the above case we have t o take candle and find this kind of politicians .
    Its imposable if it is possible then we can dream our country as bright feature.

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    Kisholoy Mukherjee
    Kisholoy Mukherjee is offline Just in!
    I hope I am not too little in the discussion. I would like to make a few points here.
    First of all: what is politics? It deals with the functioning of the system that is in place in the country/state/local community...So politics is there in the education system, in what kind of food and how of it people eat or get to eat, what kind of goods get produced and at what rates they get exchanged and through what mechanism etc. Naturally, there will not be consensus over each and every thing among everyone...so you need to talk it out, discuss, debate and arrive at a solution....whatever that may be..political parties come into the picture because you need to have some representatives of your say, your opinion....
    However, i agree to quite an extent with the OP..that so many parties exist actually shows that there is no discipline in the political culture of India...this isn't exactly pluralism...this is simply, as the OP was suggesting, opportunism...because you can "earn" or should i say make a lot of money through legal and mostly extra-legal means by forming a political party...that doesn't mean every political party is like that..there are parties which don't even run for elections...
    at the same time, we find that our problems don't seem come to an end...either the prices of food products go up, or those of fuels, or the salaries and wages do down considerably or get up enough , or there is corruption or there is too much concessions for the rich and too little for the rest.. so on and so forth...
    There is widespread poverty and terrible inequality....
    We must therefore identify the genuine needs and problems of society and try to change things for better ourselves, as citizens...that i think is genuine politics...if in the course of that, many parties emerge, then that is a different thing, but let us not separate ourselves from POLITICS itself...you may dislike political parties but you can't dislike politics...you are practicing it every single moment

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    Sweetie's Avatar
    Sweetie is offline eTI Member
    You gave us really good insight about politics. I feel that we should not anyone to form a party, there should be some strict rule to make party , there must certain level educational background required, member of parties should not have any criminal background and also party should pay taxes on their income.

    Now as OP said, its all being exploited and misused.

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    moee is offline Just in!
    More parties means more choice to select from and hopefully we'll choose the less power-abusive party. And its a democracy so basically we can form parties.

    Any restriction in forming new political party will create drama and debates in loksabha or rajyasabha (both places are insanely dramatic). Any party comes into power, they surely will abuse it. Constitution is weak!

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    People are always reluctant to accept changes, specially ones those are meant to improve things with stricter rules, we are already seeing all mess here with so many parties, do you still think by having multi - party system, our democracy has achieved anything sustainable ?

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    moee is offline Just in!
    Major issues, such as population crisis and corruption, are still never dealt with real solution but to remain in democracy such as india, you can't tackle those problems or it would be bye bye political career.

    China made one-child policy in 1978 but they ain't democratic so they can implement what authority thinks its a good thing for country. Lets face it they got some unhumanistic laws but overall they perfoming well when one sees their GDP or tax revenue or progress in their infrastructures.

    Constitution of india allows for more then one party and thats a green light for politician to do so, any other thoughts on its good or bad, would be just imaginative opinions.

    Personally I dont like Democracy system of India, cause Indian has found a way to manipulate the system to their advantage very easily. And they actually really good at it. They know what people wanna hear and how to generate votes.

    If we got two party system still they will manipulate it, but how we gonna bring that change, how parliament will pass such a law when so many member of parliament are from variety of parties. And how we know that it will generate good results.

    Simple raise in petrol prices due to rupee falling against dollar and government can't afford to increase subsidy of petrol, BJP declared ' Bharat band ' , It's old school politics in new era, and they successfully nailing it.

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