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A new political movement


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    A new political movement

    The level of anger and frustations in the minds of the Indian people is now showing and no political party is being spared. But, with no political alternatives to these incompetant parties, the glaring fact is that once the anger is blown over, the people will have no other option but to revert back to the old parties. Sure, the Congress may very well lose this eneral election, but the NDA is not going to be a massive improvement. Whats worse is that under the BJP, we may see the Sangh affiliates increase the unnecessary attacks on minorities.

    Why cant I have a party that has the non appesatory stand of the BJP, but is more tolerant of minorities and follows the pacifist principles of Mahatma gandhi, of course with zero corruption. The answer is simple because, I am a common person and am but just one vote. What we need is a party that is a reflection of all the desires of the people of India. A party where all decisions to the utmost extent possible will be taken by the people in a majority vote. Indian people are not fools, as a matter no person is a complete fool. Given the right kind of information, people will always make the right decision. People are by nature selfish but when explained the pros and cons of any particular decision will take a decision that is to the common benefit of all people. Office Bearers in this party will be executors, whose sole purpose will be to execute thier powers in the directions chosen by the people. A lot of sceptics to this idea will say that a party which gives its leaders no powers will not attract any talent. The point is quite logical, but I believe that the people should decide among themselves as to how much power they want to give their leaders. Also, the leaders of this party will have a power, that in the current political system is quite powerful, but in this new party system will be extremely powerful. They will have the power to form opinions. Office bearers opinions will normally be heard more by the voters and with proper diplomacy can be a very effective in getting their ideas through to the voter. There will also be the advantage of joint responsibility. When things go wrong, it will be the voters who will share the burden of a wrong decision with a leader and the leader will not be laone. Another point that may be raised is that it is logistically impossible to conduct a voting on each and every issue with each and every citizen. That is not true, we are not talking about a national elections here. We are talking about inter party elections which can be conducted in any way the people feel comfortable. Using a majority vote, the people will be able to direct the power of the party, saving the national eschequer the cost of conducting repetitive polls. With new communications technology available, it will be quite possible to try and get every person to cast his votes in favour of his opinions. Then, there is also the fact that people will only cast their votes when they feel it is important for them and will abstain for the remaining issues.

    A system like this will give the authority to the people. No longer will the government be held hostage to the whims and fancies of a leader. No longer will the people have to wait for Sonia to approve for Shivraj to resign. The people will vote for all their ministers, chief ministers, prime minsiters, governors, presidents, directly and can decide when theses people have to resign. No waiting for the next elections. It will be the people and not some party leader who decides who gets the nomination for the postion of MLA, MP, Municipal Councillor. Here too the people will have the right to recall their candidate whenever they feel he is not doing his job properly. It will be the people who decide what laws need to be changed and the new laws that need to be implemented. Every decision that can be taken can and will be taken with the majority decision of the people.

    A few people will say that a system like this will allow the majority to implode on the rights of the minority. For starters, I do not believe that the majority is by and large insensitive to the feelings and rights of the minority and there will be enough resistance to any attempt to hurt the rights of minorities or the minorities themselves. However, there can be provisions to consider the votes of the interested parties when decisions are taken affecting their interests in any way. Also, a provision can be made for a veto vote for the interested vote bank. However, I will suggest that the veto vote will only call for a second vote at a later date and will give the interested parties more time to canvass for support among the majority. We must also remember that no law or no policy is ever cast in stone and can be changed as soon as the support base changes. The party will also allow for voters to call for a vote on any issue as soon as they get enough backers.

    A lot of you will ask for the framework or constitution of such a party, for which I will simply say that the constitution will be created through a majority vote of the members. I know that the concept I have presented to you has potential. It is the only way to break the hegemony that exists in our political system and to bring about a new beginning, a new tryst with destiny. It is the only way where oridinary mortals can climb up the ladders and become leaders of the country without having a political godfather or the name of a political family to back them. The only way where people like you and me can stand up and challenge rahul ganghi, sachin pilot and other political scions and shape the country in what all our people want. The only way where we can through dialogue and discussion, over a period of time, create a common vision for our people to share, a vision that has not been forced on them but has emerged through their own inputs.

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    Re: A new political movement

    Dear friends

    If you like what i have written above, then i request you to visit our website at www.bombax.net and join us. We need all like minded people to be a difference to the country.

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    matta t reddy
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    Re: A new political movement

    Hi My views are similar to yours but i have solution please join me at http://uniteindiamovement.com/

    The problam with indian system of election are
    1) firstly we elect a party to rule us not a person as a voter how iam a suppose to know weather all the people in the party are good or not?
    2) people who are elected have to be loyal to the party inorder to be successful, like ministries etc not being loyal to people.
    3)the minority party is considered as opposition so for example all of south voted for bjp and all of north voted for congress and lets assume north has more MPS than south then th elected gov need not even think about south all they have to do is please the north and keep their votebank alive.
    4) regional parties are one more greatest threat for ex lallu as a railway minster wants to to continue in that post had to be loyal to bihar he should show that as a minister he had done a lot to people of bihar he need not care about rest of the country.
    5) last but not the least how much real majority do you need to win the election?50% dont vote out of 50% the votes are scatterd among all the 10 to 20 parties that satnd in the elction so if you have a dedicated band like a cast or religion or your are a thug you can influence 5 to 6% of population you win.
    so if you want to be a leader in india you have to form a party that itself is very difficult and to bring a real change all your people should win and you ahve to have a mojarity.

    governamnet should be the one which should unite people but in india we can form a givernament only if can devide people so waht we can do?
    what are the policies necessery?

    1) once we elcet our reprasetitives the representaives of all parties should nominate two individuals as prime minister nomines and then these individuals should run for elction all over the country, and the majority one should become prime minister and he should be fixed for 4 years there should be a term limit. then he should nominate minsters( they should leave public office once elected for minetry) and there minters should be ratified by all the ministers(majority offcourse)

    this way we have a leader and a governament who reprasents everyone not a leader of few so we have a exicitive body controled by people voice(reprasentaives of vearious states) these reprasentaives need not talk in favour of the pm even because he needs people support to get elcted not the pm support.

    I can talk a lot about these but we can make lot of change please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] I need serious members for support.
    or vist me at uniteindiamovement.com
    thank you

    matta Reddy( UIM)

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