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    Hi to All
    Would like to share with you all what i have understood about meditation
    Meditation is not concentrating or contemplating on any specific thing
    meditation is making your mind expansive so that the boundaries collapse and you see yourself as an infinite being with no limits
    how does this happen?
    this happens when you realize that you re not the mind and not the body
    this realization can happen suddenly or may take a long time
    it depends upon a person's sincerity
    but one thing is sure - The day when meditation descends on you you will be a totally changed person
    Be Here and Now

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    Re: Meditation

    Wow! Victor ... wt a thought ... short and simple.

    I understand meditation the same way ... for me I don't have to sit and go ... meditation meditation ... is just the very moment I am thoughtless ... the very moment I am free and that is the moment of meditation for me.

    but mind is very cunning ... very mischievous, it doesn't let that state last for long... but the more time i give to myself the closer will I be to the state of meditation.

    Thanks for sharing.

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