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yoga and meditation


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    tetrics is offline Newbie

    yoga and meditation

    is it true... yoga and meditation really relax mind....help in improving concentration...

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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Re: yoga and meditation

    Yes it is !

    Yoga is excise which comes from past and still sparking its magic in those who do it regularly...

    Yoga is basically help you to concentrate and when you do it in peaceful place it will help your mind to relax and to concentrate more powerfully.

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    Amar Atwal's Avatar
    Amar Atwal
    Amar Atwal is offline eTI Iron
    Yes it is true ! yoga help us to relax our mind and body to. It help us in increase our concentration on a particular thing.

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    laurahill is offline Just in!
    Yoga and meditation provides physical fitness as well as mental peace.Yoga and meditation is always good for body and mind relax and relive the stress.

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