4 - big alphanso mangoes
1 kg - sugar
litre - water
1 tbsp - milk


1. Chop the mangoes into pieces.
2. Blend the mango pieces in a liquidiser, without any water to make a pulp.
3. Boil the water with the sugar in a heavy bottomed steel vesel.
4. After a boil, add milk.
5. After 2 to 3 minutes, spoon off the dirt collected on the top.
6. Once the sugar dissolves completely, remove from gas.
7. Cool completely.
8. Add the mango pulp and mix well.
9. Strain and fill into dry sterilised bottles and refrigerate.

To Serve:

* In a glass pour approximately 3 to 4 tbsp mango pulp and add sufficient water and crushed ice.
* Mix well and serve chilled.