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BJP back to Ram Mandir Temple Agenda for 2014 election-Why not development of India?


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    BJP back to Ram Mandir Temple Agenda for 2014 election-Why not development of India?

    This is really surprising that politicians are not paying attention to progress and development of India, for them it is again religion they think can give them nirvana. Very sad indeed.

    Yesterday as per news ,

    After peddling the Narendra Modi development model to the country in recent months, the BJP on Saturday returned to another favourite topic — the Ram temple.

    In Ayodhya for a 2014 poll strategy meeting, the saffron party’s new UP in-charge Amit Shah — a Modi man — visited the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi site where he declared: “People in the country desire a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. We are committed to it. I prayed that we together build a grand temple here as soon as possible and restore Lord Ram to his rightful place.”

    His words were endorsed by party president Rajnath Singh, who said in Kolkata: “I don’t know what he said. But if he said so, what’s wrong in it? All Hindus want a Ram temple there, Muslims wants a mosque there. The matter is in court. But if a temple comes up, we would all be happy.”

    Before the meeting started in Ayodhya, the BJP’s UP chief Laxmikant Bajpai remarked: “The demolition of the Babri masjid was the first step. That has been accomplished. Now we pray to Lord Ram for building the temple.”
    from hindustan times

    I think for them its their power above all, 4what about eradicating poverty from India ?
    What about making India prosperous ?
    What about dealing with Corruption ?
    What about providing India better infrastructure ?
    What about eradicating disparities in system ?
    What about saving India from unnecessary wastage of resources ?
    And lot more .. but for Politics..
    Above all important is Mandir and Masjid issue.. they think they can get people attention and get in power through such topics.. but tell me , anyone who suffered in RIOTS of 1992, he will never want to see that again.. infact I am 100% sure, even resident of Ayodhyaya don't want anything to repeat.. thousands of lives were lost on that brutal clashes and every one knows it was motivated by some people for their personal interest.

    I hope Indians won't get fooled again.

    Not even single person who is busy with his work, his life and his family wants to think about such things.. why politicians do not understand this ?

    Please don't create differences among Indians .. we have already suffered a lot..

    God save us.. God save India ..

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    Hi Savera,

    Very good article and I really appreciate your views on uniting India and considering it as one. I really don't comment on political issues and really don't prefer to discuss it with friends because it might lead to clash of ideas and ideologies. Moreover, a sensitive issue like this, I would love to stay thousand miles away from it.

    The riots of 1992 is a very old issue now and certainly people of Ayodhya have moved forward from it. By bringing this issue again and again, these politicians are paving a way for future riots and considerable hatred in the people for each other.

    Actually, whats important for politicians is that they rule for undefined time. Now, by speaking in favor for the section of people from society, all they want is their support and votes. Ayodhya, by nature is dominated by Hindus and definitely birthplace for Lord Ram. For obvious reasons, by bringing the matter again and again, BJP wants to rule Ayodhya by grabbing the votes from Local people.

    Yes, there is nobody now who would like to invite further riots or any disturbance for that matter after what he had witnessed in 1992 and in subsequent years. But, power and authority speaks for itself and that is what these politicians are always after.

    You cannot blame a person. Its the complete system from highest authority to the lowest individual. Even if you try your level best to arrange things up, you will always be compelled to give up. That is what is happening with Narendra Modi and various other leaders ( like, Anna Hazare ) who are put down every time they try to raise their voices against the Government.

    So, there is hardly much you or I can do to this country. People have tried alot to change the times, but you see, nothing has been done. We all have our own lives and worries to attend to and that is why we choose government. But, its really shameful on our part that we always end up suffering.

    Anyways, good article.

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    Very good write up Savera I am honored to be at a place where each and every member somehow promotes love towatds humanity and India and want unity among Indians which is the greatest asset along with the richness of diveristy of languages, festivals etc.
    Thanks for the writeup

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