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Using Skimmed Milk as Supplement for Weight Gaining with exercise ?


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    Adi Mehta
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    Using Skimmed Milk as Supplement for Weight Gaining with exercise ?

    I am plan to put on some weight through exercise and thinking to use skimmed milk powder as weight gainer supplement. There are many weight gainers products but I have high quality skimmed milk powder with 35% of milk protein. Now wants to know will it make a good weight gain supplement because if it is then will be lot cheaper than other weight gain product as well as will be reliable and authentic since I know the source of it very well.

    Please give your advice.

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    I think it could be a great weight gain product because if its 35% milk protein then probably its one with 50% carbs and rest mineral etc..

    But I have not seen anyone trying it as weight gainer because many people are adviced to use skimmed milk products when they want to loose weight. ..


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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Yes, you can use it but relying only on skimmed milk powder will not be a good choice, also add cereals, chickpeas in your diet if you are looking for weight gain.

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