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ICICI bank IMPS transfer successful but not reflecting anywhere


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    liyakat Guest

    ICICI bank IMPS transfer successful but not reflecting anywhere


    I have a corporate ICICI bank account and I use it regularly to make online transfer through IMPS. But today what happened is that my it showed transfer successful, it also showed usual reference number etc. I thought its done but when I checked account, ,money was not deducted. Not sure if receiving party got it or not for now. Since money is not deducted, I think it is not executed but what if it ?

    How I can be sure if this transaction if failed or not ? If it is failed then I will send money again, but if it is not failed then I will end up sending money twice and there are not very good chances that receiving party will return excess money any soon.

    Please tell me what should I do in this case ?

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    If there is no deduction from you account yet despite being IMPS transfer, I would say that its a software fault at that particular time. Probably transaction failed but my advice is to wait for atleast 24 hours and there is deduction or anything, you can send it again.

    Actually had once happened with me with Canara bank transaction, but in my case, although it showed successful transaction, there was no reference number, in my case too money was not deducted. After two days I did transaction again and it went through smoothly and this time there was reference number generated too on success screen.

    Have you taken screenshot of your confirmation / success page (I generally do that) , if yes then send mail to ICICI corporate department or call them at their customer care to explain. That way you can instantly confirm with them.

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