I have no grudges against airtel but it seems their main strategy is to remain in news , posing as if they have one of the best offers but in real , they are just crap. In past I had pointed out about Airtel's so called very lucrative plans (Read Here) and again they are doing it.

Here is the news in brief:

Airtel has announced a prepaid pack worth Rs. 49 that offers 3GB of 3G/ 4G data with a one-day validity to select subscribers. Airtel already has a prepaid pack priced at Rs. 49, but it offers 1GB of 3G/ 4G data only, and is meant for all users.

While hype is that it is to take on Jio Rs. 49 plan, but it is not. With one day validity, this plan just doesn't fit with any kind of users, those high data usage will probably go for unlimited monthly plan with daily 1.4 GB limit and for casual limited data users, its not suitable at all because of 1 day validity. Jio Rs. 49 plan provides 28 days validity, suitable for entry level, very low data usage customers.

Other important term is "Select Subscriber", so Airtel is actually offering it only to its select subscriber, which means if by-any-chance, you found its usage (Rs. 49 for 3GB data for 1 day), you might not be eligible for it.

Hence once again, from subsriber's point of few, its just marketing gimmick and without any actual benefits. Airtel is just being Craptel as usual.

I don't understand what kind of network they have, being largest telecom provider in India, I think their network are running on peak already and hence they are not able to afford to give any real plans to its users. Or God knows what.