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Prevent my infant or new born baby from getting cold in winter


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    Prevent my infant or new born baby from getting cold in winter

    Now winters are getting colder, I am worried about baby girl, she is 3 months old and by the grace of God she is perfectly fine, no issue of any cold or sinus infection so far. But I am still worried because I don't want to get her infected. Please share your views and ideas for preventive measures. I am already keeping her away from cold places, keeping my room sufficiently warm. I don't want to look paranoid but I hope you understand feeling of a mother .I don't want to regret later that there was lapse from my side.

    Please advice what precaution mothers take in advance to keep their infacts protected from cold in winter.

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    Hi Supriya, being mother is a tough task, be it mother of 10 years or an infant. And you being worried is perfectly justified.

    Taking precautions is best policy. And its true that infants really very delicate and they don't have the antibodies to fight off most colds. During those first few months, a rectal temperature higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit means an automatic call to the doctor. And if your baby still infant, they may need readmission to the hospital on higher body temperature. This is the reason doctor says : "We'd love to keep newborns from becoming sick to avoid hospitalization" .

    So, what should new parents do? Put these germ-fighting habits into play.

    1. Keep your baby away from anyone who's sick.
      This is most basic yet hardest thing, everyone wants to touch a newborn, want to take her and give love but if someone is sick then denying them old of your baby may look rude to them but you have to do it in order to keep your baby healthy. Remember, adult's immune system is far more stronger than infants.
    2. Wash your hands before feeding or touching your baby.
      Another mistake I have seen lots of people repeating with their kids or infants, always keep your hands clean before touching your baby.
    3. Clean your baby's toys and pacifiers often. :
      Like above, keep your baby bottles, toys etc clean always and regularly. If you don't clean them, they may develop germs and bacteria which your baby may not be able to fight off with weak immune system.
    4. Teach everyone in the household to cough or sneeze into a tissue.
      Hygiene should be for-most practice in your house hold, every adult in house should be careful when they cough or sneeze so that they may not transfer germs un-knowingly to young ones.
    5. Keeping your baby at convenient room temperature :
      There are certain condition where bacteria and virus thrive, hence keep your room temperature convenient for infants. They don't feel temperature like adults, they are more sensitive but not expressive.

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