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ICICI-How to transfer money without adding beneficiary in corporate internet banking


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    Besas Guest

    ICICI-How to transfer money without adding beneficiary in corporate internet banking

    Please move it to right section if this not the right place to ask this question. I have been trying to find way to make some fund transfer without adding "beneficiary" in my icici corporate netbanking account.

    On searching all over places, they are talking about saving accounts where they have quick transfer feature under "Funds Transfer" but in my case , there is no such option. It has single transfer and bulk transfer option in funds transfer.

    I can add screenshot if anyone needs it. I don't need to make big transfer, its very small transfer and only one time so adding beneficiary will be an hassle only. Or it is that there is no quick transfer or transfer without adding recipient or beneficiary in ICICI bank corporate banking account and this feature is only available in saving accounts ?

    I don't have ICICI bank saving accounts so I can't verify it.

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    Savera's Avatar
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    You can't find it then probably its not there. I also did a good research and appears that there is no quick-transfer facility in ICICI current accounts through netbanking. But they have iMobile app, you may try it. Since its corporate account, it need to have higher security. Hence allowing transfer without adding beneficiary is not a good idea. You may contact phone banking to get it verified.


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    Jai Chandra
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    Regarding your problem about quick transfer availability, I may suggest you that you must visit your branch once and share your problem with them as they would be able to give you a better solution for your problem. Don't mind but not all of your problems can be solved on internet, so would suggest you to by not wasting your time you must visit your branch for quick response to your problem.

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