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who is the true Mumbaikar?


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    rekha_thabe is offline Just in!

    who is the true Mumbaikar?

    The issue of belonging to Mumbai city is has no meaning. Nobody can say its just my city and yet everybody can say yes! its my city. The people who have been here may know it fully but the people who will come later may add on the more to make it the never satisfied city ever... Mumbai is Mumbai because nobody belonging it. So that's whys its famously said Maximum city! The city which can never get enough of anything!

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    angelus1753 is offline Newbie

    Re: who is the true Mumbaikar?

    unfortunately, that is not how political parties work....i agree with you in principle, but i have to ask a few questions to get your opinion on them:

    why does everyone only see mumbai for opportunities? so many other cities have come up as hubs for progress like bangaluru and chennai and hyderabad and even ahmedabad. why do people only have to come to mumbai? i think that this single-minded tendency is one of the reasons for the discontent among the natives, and this is being exploited by the political parties.

    what is the aversion to learning marathi? if a person was to relocate to, say, kerala then there is no way he could communicate with hindi alone. in fact, not many people know hindi there. he would have some success with english. but if he has to gel in with the natives, then learning their language is the only way out. why not apply the same to marathi? give the political parties one less reason to discriminate.

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