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Boyfriend pressurizing me to return from middle of higher studies abroad!


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    Boyfriend pressurizing me to return from middle of higher studies abroad!

    I am from India,just moved to UK for higher studies,my boyfriend is in India.He is in a very good job there but never likes his job. In-fact he do not have any interest in this world other than me.I know he loves me very much,so do I.But the problem is he very alone and he wants me always to be with him.Currently I am in middle of something and can not leave it behind,it may take another 4 year.He knew about this very well when I came here,but now he wants me to go back,if I do that I know that I will never be happy in life,because since childhood I wanted to do this,Before coming he didn't say anything strongly,otherwise I could have stayed back,but now it is actually impossible.

    He never understands this but still he constantly put pressure on me.I have talked to him on this many many times,tried to make him understand but he does not listen to it.Probably he is suffering from One child Syndrome.His world only revolves around me,he does not have a good connection with his parents,neither he has many good friend,this is increasing as the days are passing.I am in deep trouble,I can not leave him,because I do not want to do that.It will be also difficult for me because I also love him very very much.I don't know what to do.
    Even I have told him to come and stay with me,I am ready to take all his responsibilities,but he do not want me to do such a hard work.
    Please Please tell me..what should I do.

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    Hi Aisha, Welcome to eTI !

    Regarding your problem , you already said, he is suffering from a form of possessive personality disorder. As per my view he understands that it is important for you to study further as he let you go for it but later when he found that he can't do without you, now he is becoming kind of self-centric and pressurizing you to return. In this case, only thing which can help is that he should do something which is engaging for him and he enjoys. But when you say, he is not connected with his parents , nor he has lots of friends, ironically this makes me think that he is a type of person who looks normal but actually is self centric and is not very understanding. Further,he is a person who is intelligent enough to get things he wants but don't care for others or rather is incapable to understand. Do you think he was this way when you were in India? Definitely he loves you a lot and shows it lot, but apart of that do think he is self-centric and little understanding ?
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    what to do again

    I don't know whether he is self-centered or not because he helps other people a lot..but these days he is definitely little understanding and this is increasing.But he was obsessed even when i was in India,he used call me every 1-2 hrs while in office even if he gets a 2 mins break.This whole thing has resulted in today's scenario.I knew that he is like that ..I can accommodate to that but now it has crossed the limit.Tell me some solutions..will a doctor help him???
    Socializing is an good option but he don't do it too often.

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    Post Aisha Give me his mobile numbr


    Aisha...give me his mobile number I'll try to convince him.....because i like so much the name Aisha persons.... bcos in my life i loved with name of aisha...but she ignore & she leave me..............Oh..>>>> okey any how give me his mobile numbr....

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